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28.05. und davor

Kategorie: brandneues
Geschrieben von dierakete um 15:23

hallo zusammen,

denkt bitte daran, anja und mir
bis allerspätestens freitag abend (22.05.)
die überarbeiteten headlines sowie kurzintros/teaser
zu euren beiträgen (ihr könnt euch an den intro-texten im booklet rakete03 orientieren)
zu mailen.
wichtig ist es, herauszuarbeiten, dass wir mit den verschiedenen rakete-projekten die unterschiedlichsten sinne ansprechen: leitungswasser – geschmack, rockets out of space – hören...ein visuelles feuerwerk wird rakete04 sowieso werden....etc.

bis zum 28.05. müssen alle poster überarbeitet sein. gleicht eure layouts auch noch einmal mit den generellen charaktereigenschaften von rakete ab: sexy, charmant, radikal, experimentell....ihr kennt die übrigen drei...

zur erinnerung:
nächsten donnerstag, 28.05., machen wir die bewerbung für den 5 gum vision lab projektwettbewerb fertig. dazu brauchen wir vorab die headlines und kurzintros, um sie bis nächsten donnerstag redigieren zu können.

am 28.05. sind wir ab 11.00 uhr morgens den ganzen tag im rakete-raum, damit wir genügend zeit für alles haben.

bei fragen meldet euch!!!

viele grüße,

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Low Budget Hotel Design Projekt

Kategorie: brandneues
Geschrieben von dierakete um 10:58

Hotel asks consumers to sell it their furniture
Dutch hospitality group La Bergère is developing a new hotel in Maastricht, dubbed Hotel X for the time being, and is going to decorate it using furniture and knick-knacks purchased from ordinary consumers.

The underlying concept for Hotel X is described as "style, sex and soup", which—in a nutshell—stands for design, attraction and authenticity. To find unique furniture and nostalgic elements that will create the desired look and atmosphere, Hotel X is calling on people to rummage through their attics, spare rooms and garages, and offer their unused objects for sale. People can upload a picture of the item they'd like to sell, along with a short description and their asking price.

To give a sense of what they're looking for, www.stijlsexensoep.nl shows examples for a wide array of categories, from chairs and tables to art, ceramics, posters, 'collections', boardgames and even plants (cacti, preferably).

While authenticity and nostalgia are design styles that hotels have been adopting for a while, this is an unusually clever way both to find remarkable pieces, and to garner interest in the hotel before it opens. Moreover, by encouraging people to look for cash in the attic, it taps into a very of-the-moment trend that our sister site trendwatching.com calls sellsumers: a recession-induced need for cash is fuelling concepts that help consumers make money instead of just spending it. (Related: Qbic, a high design, low touch hotel, which is also part of the La Bergère Group.)

Website: www.stijlsexensoep.nl
Contact: info@la-bergeregroup.com

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Neues Magazinkonzept von Lexus, Time & American Express

Kategorie: brandneues
Geschrieben von dierakete um 10:44

...Grüße, Kathrin

Much like the build-your-own-magazine concept from HSBC that we covered last year, a brand-new initiative from Lexus, Time and American Express Publishing is giving consumers a new way to create their own personalised magazine.

Dubbed "mine," the free magazine invites readers to choose editorial content from five of eight select Time and American Express Publishing brands: Time, Sports Illustrated, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Money, InStyle, Golf, and Travel + Leisure. Participants can choose to receive their magazine either in a limited-edition print format or online—some 31,000 copies of each print issue and 200,000 electronic copies are available, and readers receive a new issue every two weeks for 10 weeks. Each issue is 36 pages, with advertising tailored for each recipient based on geographic location and taste, as determined by their answers to four initial questions. Since Lexus's participation is to help mark the launch of its new Lexus 2010 RX, four single-page ads for the vehicle are included in each issue as well. Readers can also receive news and entertainment alerts through a customised widget or mobile application via RSS. The program ends June 15.

In addition to providing yet another illustration of the world's increasing customisability, such an offering could also prove to be an excellent perk to deliver to Lexus customers—as we noted in the HSBC case as well. It's good to give customers free love, but letting them choose what form that love takes is even better. Customisation and perkonomics—go forth and multiply! ;-) (Related: Personalised music mag.)

Website: www.timecmg.com/mine
Contact: www.toyota.com/help/contactus.html

Update: This New York Times article is worth reading for its background details on Mine's launch, including a few operational glitches. Some interesting data on uptake, too: "Through its website, Time Inc. made 200,000 digital versions and 31,000 print versions available. So far almost all the print editions have been claimed, while fewer than 30,000 digital versions have been ordered, Lexus said."

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Rakete Logo

Geschrieben von dierakete um 18:15


und nochmal ohne schatten.

gruß jan bertil

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Papergirl Projekt

Kategorie: fanzine ohne asche
Geschrieben von dierakete um 20:15

Tach zusammen. Hier eine schöne Aktion bei der kostenlos Poster/Designmagazin vom Fahrrad aus verteilt werden. Einfach so. nice. http://vimeo.com/4146359

jan bertil

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Rakete Logo

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Rakete 04 Themenliste

Kategorie: brandneues
Geschrieben von dierakete um 13:52


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